Please reblog and do not repost my gifs. I made this blog because I love Selena and enjoy making gifs and interacting with fellow fans. It's very disheartening to see them reposted. Thanks.
dreaming of you
"I hadn't thought about Selena in a long time until i stumbled upon this blog. I had forgotten how much this women had inspired me to sing! Now seeing this blog, it has motivated me to actually practice and improve on my singing, and hopefully become half of what she was :)" - livinglifeinthemusic

Oh wow, this is so cute and that’s amazing! I’m so glad and I bet Selena would be too. Don’t give up on your dreams! :)

Cuando escucho esta canción
Mi corazón quiere cantar así

How about I had a dream that I met Selena but it was in the present. But for her it was 1993 or something. It sounds so weird but it was cool.

No, Jennifer Lopez wore replicas of Selena’s clothes. In one of the “making of” bonus features on the DVD, Suzette says she thought Jennifer was wearing Selena’s actual jacket because it looked exactly like the one she used to wear.