« Oh, I forgot! Selena had the most beautiful smile I've ever seen, like you could see right away how kind hearted she was just by looking at her expression <3 I find it hard not to burst into tears when I look at her smiling. » — prettygraveyard

I completely agree. You could really see what a great and loving person she was, and how loved she was in return. Whenever I’m watching a video to find something to gif, I can’t help but smile whenever I see her smiling or laughing. It reminds me of something Chris said somewhere:

"Selena loved as hard as she lived. We loved her in return – her family, her friends, her fans, and me, her husband, who felt like the luckiest man alive every time Selena said my name."

« Your blog is AMAZING! you do an excellent job and I just wanted to thank you for that. It's still hard to accept she's gone, oh, how I'd love to change the past. LONG LIVE QUEEN SELENA! » — prettygraveyard

Thank you so much! I really appreciate getting messages like this. :)

I’m sure many of us wish we could go back and change what happened. If only such things were possible.

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« Just wanted to say thank you for this blog, it gives me life everytime I come across it. Seeing her in gifs makes my heart smile. Thank you! » — somedetailsinthefabric

Thank YOU for such a nice message! I really do appreciate it, and it makes me love running the blog even more. :)

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