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dreaming of you

How about I had a dream that I met Selena but it was in the present. But for her it was 1993 or something. It sounds so weird but it was cool.

No, Jennifer Lopez wore replicas of Selena’s clothes. In one of the “making of” bonus features on the DVD, Suzette says she thought Jennifer was wearing Selena’s actual jacket because it looked exactly like the one she used to wear.

"I absolutely love your page! Kept spreading Selena and her memory for us! Thanks for what you do 🌹" - selenaquintanillatq23

You’re so sweet! I’ll do my best and thank you so much for the message. I really appreciate it. It’s messages like this that make me proud to run the blog. <3

Thank you so much! I appreciate the love. <3

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I really recommend reading Chris’s book for that kind of information. It’s clear that they loved each other very much. I believe that Selena was the love of his life.

One thing that I remember off the top of my head is that they did go through a rough patch in their marriage, I think sometime in 1994. But they did work through it; Chris said they loved each other even more afterwards.